вторник, 23 юли 2013 г.

Conservation and recovery of threatened birds in the European Union

A report on the "Conservation and recovery of threatened birds in the European Union" was prepared for the European Commission by BirdLife International.

Here is the content of the report:

Introduction to the Birds Directive
Developing EU Species Action Plans for threatened birds
Taking special conservation measures for threatened birds
How are species selected for an EU species Action Plan
New Action Plans for threatened birds in the EU
Evaluating the implementation of Species Action Plans
Birds of Dry Grasslands
Marine and Island Birds
Vultures, Eagles and Soaring Migrants
General overview of threats to the habitats of threatened birds
Natura 2000 and threatened birds
LIFE for threatened birds
EU-sector policies’ impact and contribution to threatened birds conservation
Sustainable use of birds in the EU
Management plans for huntable species in unfavourable conservation status
Annex: Current list of European bird species with recovery plans and their endorsement by EU and international agreements

Download the full report from the EC webpage here.