четвъртък, 17 април 2014 г.

Yellow Wagtail in Bulgaria

Spring is time of migration. Lots of birds of various races fly long distances to get home to breed. This past weekend I witnessed a group of Yellow Wagtails from at least three races. I couldn't get shots of all of them but there were definitely a few of them. The local race in Bulgaria is Motacilla flava feldegg. Other than it there was also dombrowskii and the nominate flava. I managed to picture this feldegg below which is probably last year bird because of its still undefined supercilium. However, you would see marks of it on the lore and behind the eye. Typical for this age is the grey-ish head.

bird photography in Bulgaria
Yellow Wagtail Motacilla flava feldegg, copyright Iordan Hristov