събота, 5 юли 2014 г.

Breeding bird survey in Norway: day 10

As I mentioned today will be a day for relaxing. We slept until 9 a.m.  which is quite something for our every day 3 a.m. starts. I took the time to catch up with some blogging and data entry. We stayed in the hostel until lunch time and headed out for a walk in the area. Wanted to check again the survey route for the following day to make sure there will be no surprise. Luckily we managed to talk to a farmer and ask for his permission to leave the car in his yard while doing the route. After that we travelled to the North to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Dramatic views again combined with lovely houses with large terraces. People here apparently like the Sun (when they have it) 😊

The exhaust made us take a nap in the car parked on the shore line. Was rather pleasant and refreshing. Soon we headed to the area of the route to search for a place to sleep. It wasn’t quite easy since it was pretty built up with farms and houses everywhere. We decided to stop by a house which looked empty and quiet. The lawn was just mown though so that would make it pretty comfy for the tent ;) Had a drink or two and went to bed at 8p.m. or so thinking it should be all right to spend the night there.

At about 10 p.m. I head some screeching from the door of the house.:) Someone was back at home. Then a lady shouted out and I had to come out of my comfy sleeping bag. She wasn’t very impressed we were there. ‘This is a private area’ she said. Not that she isn’t right, but there was no one there so we had no one to ask. Moreover we were going to leave in a couple of hours so the lady let us stay for the few hours before 3 a.m. when we had to get up for the bird census.

See what a day would be tomorrow.